Whether you are driving a company car or your own vehicle while conducting business on behalf of your company, you likely want to know who is responsible when you have a car accident while working. 


Responsibility will depend on a number of factors, mainly whether or not you were actively working, on the way to, or from conducting business. Since car accidents involving employees can be complex, it is recommended that you contact an experienced car accident lawyer who has an in-depth understanding of personal injury and workplace injury laws. 


If you have been injured in a car accident while working, contact Steinberg Injury Lawyers for your free, no-obligation consultation. Learn more about who is liable for workplace car accidents below. 

What is Vicarious Liability?

Your employer can be held liable for car accidents that occur while you are driving for work. To fall under the category of vicarious liability, employees must typically prove one or more of the following:

  • They were conducting approved business at the time of the accident

  • They were performing the job and/or task that they were hired to do 

  • The employer benefited from the employee's actions when the accident happened


Essentially, if you are involved in an accident while operating a company vehicle, your employer may be responsible as long as you were carrying out duties related to your job. In general, if the employer is liable for the accident, then their insurance policy will cover third-party damages. 


Examples of damages potentially covered by employers include medical bills, lost income, as well as pain and suffering. 

When Is My Employer Not Responsible For Car Accidents?

Your employer may not be liable for a car accident if it was due to the fault of a third-party or if you were not conducting approved business within the scope of your position at the time of the accident. 


If the accident is the fault of a third-party, you may be eligible for worker’s compensation. To be eligible for worker’s compensation benefits, you must have been performing work-related tasks when the accident occurs. Additionally, worker’s compensation will likely not cover all of your expenses. 


If you have suffered injuries in a car collision while working, it may be in your best interest to contact a car accident lawyer to discuss your case and seek the financial damages that you deserve. 

Should I Contact a Car Accident Lawyer?

Car accidents that happen to employees while working are not like typical accidents. They are far more complex. In many cases, employee accident victims must defend themself against claims of negligence from their own company’s insurance provider as well as potential third-party suits while pursuing compensation for their injuries at the same time. 


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