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Slip and fall accidents are a leading cause of serious injury in the United States. For the most part, landlords are responsible for maintaining a reasonably safe environment for guests, customers, and renters. If they do not, they may be liable for any injuries caused. 


However, visitors also have a responsibility for their own safety when on someone else’s property. If you were intoxicated when you succumbed to a hazardous condition, it could be challenging to build a strong personal injury case against a landlord. 


If you have suffered a slip and fall accident while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, don’t leave your personal injury case to chance. Contact Steinberg Injury Lawyers today for a free, no-obligation consultation. 

When You Might Be At Fault

If you suffer an injury due to a slip and fall while intoxicated, you can be sure the landlord will claim that you caused the injuries. Property owners may use arguments like:

  • The hazard would have been evident to a person that wasn’t intoxicated.

  • There were obvious warning signs you missed due to your intoxication. 

  • You were unable to walk safely and fell as a result of intoxication. 


Since you are the victim, the burden of proof is on you. This means that you and your personal injury lawyer must present compelling evidence proving the landlord’s fault. Your lawyer will also counter claims made by the landlord regarding your liability in the accident. 

When The Landlord is at Fault

You will likely need to present compelling evidence to an insurance company for them to offer you fair compensation for injuries suffered while you were intoxicated. However, landlords are held to the same standards to reasonably keep their property safe regardless of if you are intoxicated. The property owner may be held liable if they:

  • Caused the hazard that led to a slip and fall 

  • Knew about the hazard and did not fix it

  • Should have known about the hazard 

Can Both Parties Share The Blame?

Most states have comparative negligence laws. This means that you can still recover damages even if you are partially at fault, although the compensation could be reduced. If you are over 50 percent at fault, you can’t recover damages. 

Contact Steinberg Injury Lawyers Today

Many factors influence the outcome of slip and fall cases. If you are injured while intoxicated, unfortunately, your insurance and landlord will do their best to prove it was your fault. An experienced personal injury lawyer can advocate for you and work in your interest to secure fair compensation. 


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