There are a lot of myths associated with pit bulls, but one thing is apparent – these canines inflict some of the most deadly dog bite injuries.

Pit bulls are considered by many to be unpredictable animals.  Unlike other dogs, pit bulls often do not give any warning of an impending attack, which gives the victim little to no time to protect himself.  Pit bulls are strong animals and have been known to attack not only children, but adults as well.  They are notorious for biting and not letting go of their victims, which unfortunately sometimes leads to fatal injuries.

One of the most common arguments made by proponents of pit bulls is that aggressive behavior has more to do with the animal owner than the breed itself.  Horrific dog mauling cases are often explained away by saying it must have been something the owners did to make the dogs aggressive.  While there is some truth to this argument, pit bulls by nature have been known to be vicious animals.

Victims of California pit bulls attacks are frequently left with permanent and disfiguring injuries.  Some don’t survive the violent attack.

If you have been the victim of a pit bull bite in Southern California, we may be able to help you.  An experienced Los Angeles dog bite attorney from our office will review your case to help you determine your legal options.
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