If you are a parent of a teenager then you share the same concerns that other parents experience when they are faced with the reality that their teen may soon by driving. You also understand the possibility that your child could be injured in a car accident.

Fortunately, there are some things that you can do to help keep your child, as well as the drivers they share the Southern California roadways with, safe.

For starters, do not solely rely on the driver education programs that your teen may be taking to educate him or her on how to operate a vehicle. All parents should consider these programs as the beginning of the process on how to drive a car.

Parents need to take a hands-on approach to teaching their child how to operate a vehicle safely. Make sure that your young driver has plenty of experience and practice behind the wheel. The more familiar he or she becomes to driving, the safer your teen will be.

Help your teen understand potential distractions to driving, such as cell phones. You may want to consider banning them all together in your teen’s car.

As you know, a car accident can happen at anytime leading to a serious injury. Parents can play an important role in keeping their teen driver safe.

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