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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there were approximately 2.4 million visits to emergency rooms nationwide for all types of unintentional injuries in 2018. Injuries resulting from car crashes, falls, and opioid overdoses made up most of these cases. Things like slip and fall, head, and bicycle injuries also landed people in the emergency room.

These and similar accidents are common reasons for ER visits but are also common examples of injuries caused by others’ careless acts. Compensation may be available to you if another’s actions caused you injury. To determine whether you may be eligible, it’s a good idea to speak to a Southern California injury lawyer so they can investigate your case.

What a Southern California Injury Lawyer Investigates

You are likely accustomed to thinking of an attorney as a representative in court. You might not realize that your personal injury lawyer also acts as an investigator. 

Indeed, your Southern California injury lawyer must be an effective advocate and a diligent investigator. These attributes will provide you with the best chance of recovering compensation. In particular, a resourceful and thorough attorney will want to investigate the following:

The Facts of Your Case

Your lawyer will speak to witnesses to understand how the accident unfolded from their perspectives. By gathering photographs, diagrams, and other objective evidence, your attorney can determine how accurate witnesses’ recollections are and what the evidence shows happened in your case. 

In cases lacking objective evidence or where memories are unclear, your attorney may consult with one or more experts. Reconstruction experts can examine what little evidence there may be and reach a conclusion regarding how your crash likely occurred.

The Party Responsible for the Crash

In learning about how your wreck happened, your southern California injury lawyer will also investigate whose carelessness contributed to the crash. This information tells your lawyer who is responsible for paying you compensation and from whom they should attempt to secure compensation for your injuries.

The Nature of Your Injuries

Finally, your personal injury lawyer will want to dive deep into your injuries and attempt to understand precisely how your accident has impacted you. Your lawyer will also need to comprehend how your injury could affect you. By investigating these matters, they can go on to pursue an appropriate compensation value for you.

You Deserve a Southern California Injury Lawyer Who Will Put in the Work for You

The quality of the investigative work your lawyer completes can. At Steinberg Injury Lawyers, we are very much aware of this fact, so we expend all the time and resources necessary to fully understand your situation.

By grasping your case completely, we can and will effectively advocate for you so that you get the compensation you deserve. Contact our team today and get started by scheduling your free initial consultation with us.

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