On any given day in Los Angeles, you’re bound to see large trucks and bicyclists share the road. Although the scene is commonplace, it’s a disaster waiting to happen. Far too often truck drivers aren’t aware of bicyclists riding beside them, and with just a small amount of movement on the truck’s part, tragedy can ensue.

Why the Danger Exists

In large urban settings, such as New York City and L.A., large trucks make their way through small and crowded streets to deliver goods to the folks who live there. Pedestrians and bicyclists make their way on these same streets and having to share the road with enormous trucks poses a very real threat.

How Truck Side Guards May Help

In a majority of truck vs. bicyclist accidents, the bikers find their way under the truck's tires. This happens often because trucks fail to see bikers on their sides when they make turns and crash into them. The bikers end up on the ground and pulled under the trucks. Because this scenario is so common—and so dangerous—some are advocating for the mandatory installation of truck side guards.

Truck side guards—panels or sets of metal bars running between the two sets of wheels—may make all of the difference in these collisions. Instead of a biker falling under the truck and becoming crushed by the wheel, he may simply bounce off of the guard. This piece of equipment could ultimately turn something that would be deadly into a minor injury.

Seek Justice for Your Truck Accident

All too often innocent bicyclists are struck by large trucks. If they are lucky, they are able to get away with only injuries, instead of losing their lives. If you were the victim of an accident, you have rights, and the Steinberg Injury Lawyers want to help you fight for them. Connect with us today to schedule your free consultation and speak to a professional about your situation.

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