If you broke your pelvic bone in a motorcycle accident, you’re probably worried about the treatments you could need. And you have a right to be worried. Pelvic fractures can be life-threatening. This is especially true in a motorcycle crash where you may have been hit head-on by the other vehicle.

Common Treatments for Pelvic Fractures

In less serious injuries, the pelvic fracture may heal on its own over time. This is more typical with low-impact injuries in sports or caused by minor falls. You could still need bed rest, pain medication, and physical therapy. Even though these injuries are less severe, you might be on pain medication for at least four to six weeks, and it could take up to twelve weeks to recover.

For more serious high-impact injuries, surgery is required. This is frequently needed for pelvic breaks caused by motorcycle accidents. During the surgery, the doctor must put the pelvic bones back together and stabilize them. This is accomplished in several different ways, depending on where the breaks are and the age of the patient. Recovery time could be long and require physical therapy and rehabilitation.

When You Could Need Multiple Surgeries

In some instances you could require multiple surgeries to repair your pelvic fractures. These are more likely in motorcycle accidents where the injuries can be more severe, such as

  • When there are several fractures in different areas of the pelvis.
  • When you have suffered multiple injuries and can only withstand one surgery at a time.
  • When you initially had a surgery to stabilize your medical condition and save your life, but need another surgery to repair the pelvic bone break.
  • If an implant was inserted that needs to be removed.

As a result, you may spend weeks or months in the hospital followed by long months of physical therapy and rest before you could return to work and a normal life. You have a right to recover the damages you will suffer from this prolonged, painful recovery from the other driver who was negligent in causing your accident.

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