Everyone knows that taking a hand off the wheel to hold a phone while driving is dangerous. In an effort to allow drivers to access their phones when they are driving, some automobile makers have introduced hands-free technology in their cars. Although this technology does cut down on some of the dangers of using phones and other devices while driving, it still poses a threat to drivers.

Why Hands-Free Technology Isn’t Risk-Free

Hands-free technology is typically activated by using voice commands. In some vehicles, drivers can send texts and emails using their voices, as well as change radio stations, operate their GPS devices, and a variety of other tasks. Although using vocal commands allows the drivers to keep their hands on the wheels and eyes on the road, it isn’t without risk. In fact, according to a study conducted by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, cognitive distraction occurs after using voice commands even when the driver’s hands are still on the wheel.  

Even if a driver’s hands and eyes are where they are supposed to be, if his mind is elsewhere, he can put himself and others at risk. The AAA study showed that drivers can experience mental distractions for up to 27 seconds after giving voice commands. If driving at 25 mph, motorists can cover the length of three football fields during that time, thereby potentially causing many life-threatening accidents in the course of less than half a minute.

Which Vehicles Are the Most Dangerous?

The study rated the distractions based on a point system in which one point was given for a mild distraction, two points for a moderate distraction, three points for a high distraction, and four points for a very high distraction. Researchers determined that the least distracting vehicles in the study were the 2015 Chevy Equinox and the Buick Lacrosse, both with 2.4 points. The most distracting vehicle was the Mazda 6, with a hefty rating of 4.6.

Distracted Driving Is Not Acceptable, Particularly When it Causes Accidents

Distracted driving puts lives at risk. If you were the victim of an accident, you deserve compensation to help pay for your medical bills, vehicle repairs, and time lost from work. The Steinberg Injury Lawyers may be able to help. Schedule your free consultation and talk to a legal professional about your situation by calling 1-800-350-8888.

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