A Southern California car accident can result in a variety of serious injuries. You can be left with a lifetime of pain and treatment, especially if you have sustained a serious back injury. In some cases, a back injury may require spinal fusion surgery.

According to WebMD, spinal fusion (arthrodesis) is a surgical procedure that joins, or fuses, two or more vertebrae.

What should you expect if you or a loved one needs to have spinal fusion surgery following a serious car crash? First, you should understand that this procedure is major surgery and can last for several hours.

Following the procedure, you can expect to be hospitalized for quite a few days. You will be carefully monitored before you will be released from the hospital.

Fortunately, you may not be confined to bed rest while recovering at home. However, your doctor may require that you wear a back brace while your back in healing from the surgery.

You should also expect a prolonged rehabilitation process. Part of the rehabilitation program may include walking, swimming and riding a stationary bike on a regular basis.

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