Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Southern California highways are more open than ever. Most drivers are out to head to essential locations like grocery stores, medical appointments, and work. However, many others are out enjoying the open roads at top speeds. 


The California Highways Patrol has reported a significant increase in drivers moving at speeds above 100 mph in comparison to data from 2019. The CHP's office in Santa Ana shared with a reporter that, "There is no traffic, and people see the freeway is wide open." Thus, drivers are putting the pedal to the metal. 


Clearly, such a major increase in motorists driving recklessly can lead to dangerous collisions. If you or someone you know has been injured in a car accident, don't wait to speak to a car accident lawyer


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Learn more about speeding increases during the pandemic below. 


Drivers Are Going Much Faster


In comparison from March 2019 data, speeding tickets for driving going more than 100 mph have increased by more than 40 percent in March 2020. Concurrently, the number of overall speeding tickets has dropped by nearly 20 percent. 


Not only are more drivers speeding on the highway, but many are speeding in residential areas and business districts. Thrillseekers are not the only ones speeding; many motorists that have been pulled over have reported that they did not notice that they were speeding because they had no other cars around them to gauge their own speed. 


With more and more reports of cars going near or above 100 mph in a reckless manner (i.e., weaving in and out of traffic), the more likely it is for severe accidents and injuries to occur. 


Overall Number of Crashes Has Decreased


There is undoubtedly a lot of bad news that comes with the pandemic. However, one potential upside is that there has been a substantial decrease in overall collisions on California Highways since the stay-at-home-order has been issued. 


It should be noted that the Orange County Sheriff's department has not been responding to reported crashes in the same way they normally do. In general, they only respond to collisions that involve injuries, disabled vehicles, or roadway obstructions. 


When to Contact a Car Accident Lawyer


If you have been injured in a car accident due to another driver speeding, you have the right to pursue maximum compensation for your damages. Contact a car accident lawyer immediately after an accident occurs or the first moment you have the ability to do so. 


A car accident lawyer can assist you with proving fault, collecting and presenting evidence, negotiating settlement amounts with insurance companies, and representing you in court (if necessary). 


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