Slip and fall accidents are a leading cause of serious injury in the U.S. Some slip and falls are accidental. However, others may have been avoided if the property owner reasonably maintained their property. 


Suppose you’ve recently suffered a slip and fall injury while in a parking lot. You may be entitled to compensation. It’s essential to take the right steps post-injury to ensure the best chances of a favorable result in your personal injury case. 


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Learn more about slip and fall accidents in parking lots below. 

How Parking Lot Slip And Fall Accidents Happen

Parking lot slip and fall accidents are more common than you would think. They occur as a result of many factors to include:

  • Carelessness on behalf of the property owner

  • Lack of maintenance

  • Uneven surface or poor lighting 

  • Oil spills or other slick substances in the parking lot

  • Potholes

  • Excessive water from rainfall


Owners of private and public parking lots must uphold their duty and obligation to keep their property reasonably safe for visitors. The level of responsibility varies depending on the person’s relationship to the property and circumstances surrounding the slip and fall accident. 


Negligent property owners fail to reasonably maintain their parking lot, including spotting hazardous conditions, making necessary repairs, posting warning signs, etc. 

Understanding Premise Liability and Parking Lot Accidents

Plaintiffs who consider pursuing a premises liability claim must prove the following:

  • The defendant owns the property or controls it (i.e., lease, jobs, etc.)

  • The parking lot was not reasonably maintained at the time of the slip and fall accident.

  • An injury occurred as a result of the slip and fall in the parking lot.

  • The defendant’s negligence played a significant role in causing the injury.

For a property owner to be negligent, they must have known about the hazard while neglecting to make reasonable repairs or post warnings. 


If they did not know about the hazards and took reasonable steps to find dangerous conditions (but didn’t find any), they may not be liable for the accident. It’s recommended to quickly contact your personal injury lawyers after a parking lot slip and fall injury occurs. 

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Slip and fall injuries can lead to long-term complications, pain and suffering, loss of income, and many other consequences. If you’ve recently been injured due to a slip and fall parking lot accident, don’t wait until it’s too late to seek the compensation you deserve. 


Working with a proven slip and fall attorney can help during negotiations, investigations, and trials (if necessary). 


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