Did you know that on or around September 22nd of each year, cities and towns around the world celebrate World Car-Free Day? Many places use this unofficial holiday as an incentive to ditch their motor-run vehicles for a full day and experience more of life as a pedestrian or cyclist. World Car-Free Day is often celebrated with festivals that close a street to traffic in favor of fun runs, blood drives, and exercising in the street.

Whether or not your city has an organized activity to celebrate World Car-Free Day, September 22nd is a good day to consider taking a break from driving. There are many reasons to be mindful of the impact that constant reliance upon automobiles has on our society and ourselves as individuals. Take this excuse to go car-free for a day and be extra mindful of your safety, the environment, and how easy it is to recognize the benefits of walking and cycling as alternatives to driving. Here are just a few of the benefits experienced when more people decide to give up driving:

Savings – Cars are costly to own and use. The majority of daily commuters don’t carpool or ride-share, and car owners typically shoulder all of the cost of fuel, maintenance, tolls, and insurance. This is in addition to the most expensive cost of all – purchasing the car.

Health – When you choose not to drive, you have an opportunity to exercise. Going just a few blocks away? If there is no inclement weather, walking will get you where you need to go and also burn 100+ calories along the way. If you’re going farther, invest in a good bicycle so you can get places faster.

Less Pollution – If you’re concerned about the environment, going car-free is the green solution. In fact, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the average citizen’s primary cause of pollution is driving their car every day. Even going car-free occasionally can significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

Less Road Accidents – As personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles, we are very aware that less cars on the road means less traffic accidents. As congestion on the streets increases, the rate of automobile accidents also increases. If more people went car-free even just occasionally, Los Angeles would see a statistical drop in the number of car accidents and personal injuries.

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