A slip and fall accident can happen anywhere and at anytime leaving you with a serious injury. It can be the result of a dangerous floor at a grocery store, a flight of steps in an apartment complex or uneven ground on a sidewalk.

If you are a victim of a Los Angeles slip and fall accident you need to determine who was at fault. Figuring out who was responsible for the accident can be complicated. The following three scenarios should be considered when looking at liability:
  • Did the owner of the premises or an employee cause the condition that led to the accident?
  • Could it be determined that the owner of the premises or an employee must have known about the condition and refused to do anything about it?
  • Could it be concluded that the owner of the premises or an employee should have known about the condition, because a “reasonable” person involved with the property would have been able to detect the condition and remedied the situation?

Again, determining who was responsible can be tough. That is why you should contact an experienced Los Angeles slip and fall accident attorney who can assist you in determining who was at fault and whether you have a case.

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