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Car accident settlements can be offered and agreed to before ever going to court, or as a result of a personal injury trial. In general, many advantages come with settling with the insurance company out of court. 


However, there are a few things to be aware of to ensure you receive maximum compensation. If you have been injured in a car accident due to the fault of another driver, consult with a proven car accident lawyer before you accept the first settlement offer made to you. 


In many cases, the insurance company is looking after its own best interest, not yours. At Steinberg Injury Lawyers, our attorneys are experienced, aggressive, and prepared to fight for your right to maximum compensation for injuries you suffered. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation. 


Learn more about the pros and cons of settling out of court below. 


Advantages of Setting Out of Court


Settling out of court can be a good thing for most accident victims. Some of the most commonly cited pros of settling a personal injury case out of court include:


Less Anxiety: Taking a personal injury case to trial against an insurance company can be stressful and overwhelming. It will involve many decisions, negotiations, interviews, trips to court, and a lot of paperwork. Settling out of court can help you to avoid this stress. 


Fewer Expenses: Most car accident lawyers do not charge an upfront fee and are only paid if they win your case. However, if your case goes to court, your lawyer will have more work to do, which may mean more expenses. 


More Predictable: If your personal injury case goes to trial, the outcome will be decided by 12 jurors. Settling out of court gives your attorney more control and the ability to advocate for your needs. 


Privacy Protection: Out of court settlements are not public knowledge, but personal injury cases that go to trial are. If you go to court, very personal information could be made public. 


Closure: Trials can be appealed and dragged out for years in some cases. On the other hand, out of court settlements are final and legally enforceable. 


Disadvantages of Settling Out of Court


The majority of viable personal injury cases are settled out of court because there are so few disadvantages and many advantages to doing so. However, there are still some situations in which an out of court settlement may not be the best option. They include:

  • Low Ball Offers: If the insurance company is unwilling to make a fair settlement offer to you, then it may be in your best interest to take your case to trial. It is important to discuss your options and seek advice from a proven car accident lawyer before doing so. 

  • Awareness: In some cases, personal injury suits are taken to court to bring light to a situation that would otherwise be unknown if settled out of court. 


Don’t let the insurance company bully you. At Steinberg Injury Lawyers, we aggressively seek maximum compensation for car accident victims. Though most cases settle out of court, our team of car accident lawyers is experienced and ready to go to trial. Contact us online or give us a call at 1-800-350-8888 to schedule your no-obligation, free consultation.

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