No matter the circumstance, the death of a family member is devastating. In the event that their death was caused as a result of the negligence of another person, it can further exasperate the pain endured during these tough times. In most cases, when a pedestrian is hit by a moving vehicle, it is the pedestrian that suffers severe injuries or dies. 


Many pedestrian wrongful death claims are filed due to a driver failing to yield, speeding, driving while distracted, or a drunk driver. If your family member was killed because of the carelessness of a driver, it is your right to pursue compensation via a wrongful death claim. 


Dealing with the death of a family member can be harrowing enough; pursuing a wrongful death claim by yourself can make the situation even more difficult. Give us a call to schedule a free consultation with a wrongful death attorney in Los Angeles today. 

Proving Fault in a Fatal Pedestrian Accident

A wrongful death attorney in Los Angeles can typically prove fault in a pedestrian wrongful death claim. Whether the driver broke traffic laws, was distracted, or was otherwise negligent is typically apparent. Even if the pedestrian was partially at fault for the accident (i.e., walking across the street against a “do not walk” sign), the driver usually shares some blame. 


In the event that a driver denies fault, our attorneys are prepared to collect evidence, interview eyewitnesses, and seek the assistance of expert witnesses (if necessary). Though no amount of money will heal the pain of losing a loved one, filing a wrongful death claim can help your family to recover financial compensation.  

Types of Compensation Available in Pedestrian Wrongful Death Cases

Nearly 20 percent of all pedestrian wrongful deaths involve a hit-and-run driver. Unless law enforcement can locate the at-fault driver, it is impossible to recover damages. However, if the driver is known, family members have the ability to seek compensation for the death of their loved one. 


It is important to seek the counsel of a wrongful death attorney in Los Angeles to learn more about which family members are eligible to seek damages in the state of California. Potential compensation for a wrongful death claim can include (but not limited to): 

  • Loss of financial support

  • The value of services lost due to death (cleaning, car/home repairs, etc.)

  • Loss of love as well as other types of emotional support

  • The loss of sexual enjoyment from a spouse 

Working With a Wrongful Death Attorney in Los Angeles 

In the state of California, wrongful death claims must be filed within two years of the date of your family member’s death. Otherwise, you will lose the right to seek compensation for their death. It can be difficult to know the value of your wrongful death claim without the assistance of an experienced wrongful death attorney in Los Angeles. 

Our attorneys are compassionate, experienced, and aggressive when pursuing wrongful death claims on behalf of our clients. Contact Steinberg Injury Lawyers today at 1-800-350-8888 to schedule your free, no-hassle, initial consultation.
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