Could it possibly be true? Could Los Angeles and the rest of Southern California no longer be ranked number one in traffic delays? According to a recent study, Los Angeles and Orange Counties have been eclipsed by Washington DC and Chicago when it comes to delays from traffic congestion.

According to a recently released Urban Mobility Report from the Texas Transportation Institute, Washington DC and Chicago took the lead in 2009 for delays due to traffic congestion. The report also highlights that the Los Angeles area ranked No. 4 in America for transit improvements and No. 1 for operational improvements to streets and highways.

Traffic Delays Often Cause Accidents
No matter the improvements made and the reduction in traffic congestion, you may not be able to avoid being involved in a Southern California car accident. Many car accidents are the result of vehicles coming to a sudden halt due to traffic slowing down in front of them or by other motorists slowing down to get a glimpse at other car accidents.

No matter the cause, a car accident can lead to a serious injury. An experienced Los Angeles personal injury attorney can assist you in holding the negligent party liable, ultimately getting you the compensation that you deserve.

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