We’ve talked about how to determine fault in a car accident, but what about when you have an accident involving multiple cars? 


Determining fault in a multiple car accident can be particularly complex, especially without the help of a car accident attorney.   


Collisions involving multiple cars that cause serious injuries and/or property damage typically require extensive investigations. Those that are unable to effectively determine fault may be stuck with exorbitant medical bills, loss of income, and many other negative consequences.


If you have been involved in a multi-car accident, it is recommended that you consult with a proven car accident lawyer as soon as possible. At Steinberg Injury Lawyers, our attorneys are aggressive, experienced, and ready to seek maximum compensation on your behalf. 


Learn more below about determining fault in a multiple car accident. 


Why is Proving Fault Important?

If fault is not proven in a multi-car accident, you may be solely responsible for paying your medical bills and property damage costs. Proving fault helps to resolve disputes and make the insurance adjustment process more clear. 


Drivers that are found to share all or the majority of the blame for an accident are usually obligated by law to compensate injured parties for damages suffered. Even if you are sure that the accident was not your fault, the car accident lawyer and insurance provider of the other drivers involved will make every attempt at discrediting claims against their clients. 


What About Proving Fault in Rear-End Collisions?

In most instances, the driver that rear-ends another driver is at fault. However, this is not always true with collisions that involve multiple cars. In some cases, drivers that are caught in the middle are hit in their rear and, as a result, hit the car in front of them, causing a chain reaction. 


These types of accidents typically require in-depth investigations carried out by a car accident lawyer as well as your insurance provider to determine who is at fault and/or what percentage of blame each driver is responsible for. 


Factors That Help to Determine Fault

Insurance providers, car accident lawyers, and the courts consider many factors when determining fault in multi-car accidents. Some of the more common considerations include:

  • Violations of traffic laws

  • Location of the accident

  • Weather and road conditions

  • Eyewitness testimony

  • Surveillance footage 

  • Police reports

  • Damage incurred by each vehicle

  • Levels of intoxication 


Contact a Car Accident Lawyer Today

If you have suffered serious injuries and/or property damage in a multiple car accident, it is typically in your best interest to consult with a reputable car accident lawyer. Attorneys help to investigate the accident, determine fault, interview eyewitnesses, file insurance claims, negotiate settlement amounts, and represent you in court if necessary. 


While it is possible to pursue a personal injury claim without the help of a car accident lawyer, it is not recommended. Doing so could leave you vulnerable to denied claims, inadequate settlement offers, and/or the false burden of fault. 

Do not wait until it is too late to pursue a personal injury claim. Contact Steinberg Injury Lawyers or give us a call at 1-800-350-8888 today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.
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