There are many forms of injuries that a victim can suffer from a motor vehicle accident whether it’s in a car, on a motorcycle or from a truck crash. One type of injury that victims sometimes suffer is a broken pelvis. You may not believe a broken pelvis to be too serious, however, when fractured, it can be deadly.

Most of us don’t realize that this butterfly-shaped bony structure protects vital areas such as the bladder, intestines and rectum. A serious pelvic fracture can cause catastrophic damage to these vital areas.

If you have been involved in an accident you should look for symptoms of a fractured pelvis that include pain in the abdominal area, a numbness or tingling sensation, bleeding, difficulty in standing or walking, pain in the thigh or buttock area and loss of nerve function. Again, this type of injury can be serious and lead to death.

Another concern, besides the excruciating pain this type of injury can cause, is the effects of not being able to work. A victim may experience a loss of income. Even a slight fracture to the pelvis area can take up to 12 weeks to heal.

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