Driving is freedom. Freedom to go where you want, and whenever you want, without needing anyone else’s permission to do so.

But Los Angeles roads can be a dangerous place. There are a lot of cars and even some aggressive drivers that can create a hazardous situation for elderly drivers. We’ve provided the below tips to help keep elderly drivers safe on the road.

Stay Active

As we age, some actions become more difficult, and our reaction times become slower. This combination creates a dangerous situation for elderly drivers. Braking takes longer and turning your head to look for oncoming traffic can be more challenging.


By staying active, you can help to keep up your strength and flexibility. This results in your ability to:

        Better see oncoming traffic

        Turn the steering wheel

        Have a faster reaction time to emergency situations

In addition to the obvious health benefits, staying active allows you to be safer on the road. Staying safe is key to making sure you and your passengers arrive at your destination.

See Your Doctor Regularly

Regular doctor visits are great for everyone. But as we age, it’s even more critical as it relates to driving. Hearing and seeing are imperative to safe driving.

Make sure you see your eye doctor for regular checkups to ensure your vision is good. The same goes for your hearing. Being able to hear emergency vehicles and see traffic signals is essential. Your doctor may also be able to provide recommendations on how to stay safe while driving and may even recommend only driving in the daylight.

Know Your Limitations

No one knows you better than you. Knowing your own limitations is the best way to stay safe on Los Angeles roads.


If your hands hurt holding the steering wheel, use a softer and larger cover. You should also ask your doctor for exercises you can do to help you limit the effects.


Your car may also be a good place to start. Many newer vehicles today feature technologies that help you avoid collisions. Getting a car with these features can help keep you safe on the road.

Steps to Take if You Are Injured in a Car Accident

Despite all these steps, you may still find yourself injured in a car accident. If you are, follow these steps:

        Seek medical attention right away

        Take pictures or videos of the accident scene

        Take pictures of any injuries you have

        Submit a police report

        Get witness identity and contact information

        Don’t give a statement to your insurance company representative until you’ve spoken with us

If you've been involved in an accident, you should alert your insurance company right away. However, you should not give them a recorded statement until you’ve met with a trusted Los Angeles accident attorney. The insurance company doesn’t want to pay your claim so they will use your statement to try and pay you less than you deserve. By working with us, we can work with the insurance companies to try and get you the full value of your claim.

Call Your Los Angeles Accident Attorney

Steinberg Injury Lawyers is the car accident representation you deserve. We have the experience you need to help you get back on your feet.


Contact us, your trusted Los Angeles accident attorney, today for a free, no-obligation evaluation of your case to see who we can help you move forward.

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