As a personal injury attorneys, the hardest cases to handle are those that involve the wrongful death of a child.  We have been handling wrongful death cases in Los Angeles since 1982 and I never get used to the emotions involved when it is the tragic loss of a child.  We recently settled a wrongful death drowning case that involved a 2 year old child. We urge every parent and guardian to watch the children in your care the entire time that they are near any body of water.

Drowning happen in a variety of ways, but there is one cause of child and adult drowning that is on the rise.  We are seeing and hearing of more cases of drowning in hot tubs and pools due to broken or missing drain covers.  Drain covers can get broken or become missing allowing for the open drain to create powerful suction.  

I recently saw a news program that talked about this serious threat and how to avoid being a victim of drowning due to the suction generated by a pool or hot tub drain.  Children are particularly vulnerable.


These tragic accidents can be avoided.  The following are some tips to make your next dip in the hot tub or the pool a safe one:

  • Never get into a hot tub with a broken or missing drain cover.

  • Never leave children unsupervised near a pool or spa.

  • Teach your kids to stay away from the pool and spa drains.

  • People with long hair should be careful not to get their hair near a drain with a broken or missing cover.

  • Know how to shut off the hot tub.  

If you or a loved one has been injured or a victim of a wrongful death, call me now to discuss the details of your accident. We know you have many questions and we have the answers.  

You can also download a free copy of my book that will tell you the mistakes you need to avoid making after an accident.


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