Beware of “Friendly” Dogs

No one ever wants to be the victim of a dog attack.  You see a dog on the street or at a home of a friend.  They will tell you that the dog is friendly and has never hurt anyone…Use Caution.  So called "friendly" dogs are responsible for a great majority of dog bites in Riverside.

One of my Riverside law office location staff members recently relayed a disturbing story of when she was nearly bitten in the face  by a "friendly" dog. 

She was at the Riverside California home of an acquaintance for a friend’s baby shower.  The host of the party has a 100 pound German Sheppard “puppy”.  The dog was running around freely amongst the guest, including small children.  From the scene you would never imagine the dog biting anyone.  But, when this large German Sheppard dog approached my staff member, it growled, bared its teeth and lunged at her snapping at her face. Luckily, the dog owner was close by and grabbed the dog’s collar just in time to prevent injury from the dog's attack.  The dog was in a frenzy and the owner could hardly control the dog.  The owner, in shock, said over and over that her dog has never attacked or bitten anyone.

 You never know what might cause a dog to attack and bite.  No one was sure what set the dog off, but they thought it might be that she smelled like her cats, which she had held just prior to leaving for the party.  So please, use caution when encountering any unfamiliar dog and don’t take the owners word that it is a friendly dog.

If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of having been attacked and injured by a dog, call an experience dog bite injury attorney.  We have been getting great results for victims of dog bite injury in Riverside and our 4 other locations since 1982.  Call us for a free consultation.



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