Car accidents happen. In California, we have many cars on our roads. We have locals driving to and from work. We have tourists driving to see our beautiful sights. We have public transportation vehicles taking both locals and tourists to destinations.

Some of those public transportation vehicles are individual for hire vehicles. Most of us know these types of cars as taxis. What has changed in the last decade is the influx of additional individual for hire vehicles: Uber and Lyft.

Increasing Accidents with Ride-Share Vehicles

There is new evidence suggesting the addition of Uber and Lyft increases the number of accidents in those cities. Since 2010, around the time when Uber and Lyft became popular, cities where they operate have noticed an increase in car accidents. This follows a more than half-century-decrease in car accidents nationwide.

This increase in accidents is the result of many things:

Uber and Lyft Accident Injuries

Just like car accidents differ, so do the resulting injuries. Many times, passengers in an Uber or a Lyft are not wearing their seatbelt. This can result in more severe injuries.

Whether the accident was the fault of your Uber or Lyft driver or the fault of another driver who struck the vehicle you were riding in, you should not be responsible for any of the costs associated with your injuries.

Recovering Damages as an Uber or Lyft Passenger

When you’re injured in an Uber or a Lyft, you can recover damages for your injuries. There is a problem, however: who do you file suit against?

Uber and Lyft don’t own the vehicle you were injured in. The driver’s personal auto policy likely includes an exclusion for carrying passengers for a charge. Most likely the driver doesn’t carry a commercial policy.

If you’re injured in an Uber or Lyft, your best bet is to file suit against the company directly. The coverage provided by Uber and Lyft takes effect only if the at fault driver’s insurance doesn’t cover your injuries. However, each company does provide a liability policy.

Accidents involving Uber or Lyft drivers can get complicated. Insurance companies may argue about who should pay what, which can delay payment for your injuries.

Call your Personal Injury Lawyer in Los Angeles

Whether you were injured by the negligence of an Uber or Lyft driver, or by another driver who struck your ridesharing car, Steinberg Injury Lawyers is ready and able to help you. We have the experience and the skill you need to get you back to the life you love.

When you’re injured in a car accident while riding in an Uber or Lyft, there are complications that you shouldn’t attempt to handle on your own. You need the experience of a skilled personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles.

Contact us today for a free, no obligation evaluation of your case to see how we can help you move forward.

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