Whether we are driving down Santa Monica Boulevard to go to the beach or traveling on the Santa Monica Freeway to get to work, we are all responsible for driving safely. Unfortunately, some drivers do not take that responsibility very seriously and speed, talk on a cell phone, text, or even drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs, putting everyone around them at serious risk. In fact, some drivers will fail to stop at a stop light or stop sign, and plow into the side of a car that has the right of way—causing a serious T-bone collision.

If you have been involved in a side-impact collision in Santa Monica or the surrounding area, you have a good chance of being injured—perhaps severely so. Some of the common injuries associated with side impact collisions are as follows:

  • Neck injury – The force of a side-impact crash can cause the body to jerk very suddenly. These sudden, forceful movements can cause serious neck injuries including whiplash, a strained neck, a sprained neck, or even a broken neck.
  • Back injury – The back is a very delicate part of the body that can be seriously injured during a side-impact wreck. The force of the crash can cause back injuries including a sprained back, a broken back, a spinal cord injury, herniated disks, or pinched nerves.
  •  Head injury – A head injury may result when the head strikes something—the car door, the air bag, flying debris, or something else in the vehicle’s interior.
  • Broken bones – In a T-bone accident, there is not much to soften the impact when the striking vehicle hits the side of the other car. The force of the crash can cause serious fractures including a broken pelvis, a broken hip, broken rib, or a broken arm.

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