Constant supervision by adults is critical when children are around dogs. No matter the breed or the relation to the child, dogs are animals and have the potential to bite. You should never leave your child alone with any dog.

Three Places Where Dog Bites Commonly Occur

There are many things your child should know and understand when it comes to dog safety. However, safety starts with the parents. Understanding where dog bites commonly occur can help you avoid putting your child in a dangerous situation. They include:

The family home. Just because the family dog has shown no aggression in the past, you can never assume the pet will not ever attack, especially as it gets older.

A familiar home. Whether it is a relative or a family friend’s home, more dog attacks occur in homes with familiar dogs than with unknown ones. Never make any assumptions when it comes to your child’s safety.

Parks and beaches. Southern California is a common place for people to walk their dogs. Make sure your child never wanders off and touches a dog without your knowledge and the owner’s permission.

If Your Child is Bitten by a Dog

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