Whether in a car, truck, or on a motorcycle, an automobile accident can lead to a serious injury resulting in your inability to work and earn a living. Auto safety is critical when you are behind the wheel of any type of motorized vehicle.

Three Safety Tips

Though there are many things you can do to keep safe while driving, here are three safety tips you may have given little thought to:

  • Judge a driver by their car’s condition. Multiple dents and dings may be a sign that the person behind the wheel is an unsafe driver. Avoid drivers and cars that show signs of previous accidents.
  • Drive during the day. Though most drivers can’t always avoid driving at night, you should purposely drive as much as possible during the day. Road hazards become more difficult to recognize and react to after the sun goes down.
  • Stay out of the “fast lane.” Besides increased speeds, the fast line can be dangerous due to the limitations they provide drivers when having to swerve suddenly. Middle lanes offer more escape routes than the fast lane.

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John Anthony 01/04/2013 02:46 AM
Very good tips, especially the first one, to judge a driver by their car’s condition. This is the first time i heard that tip but it is so true! And yes, stay out of the first lane, slower but safer!
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