It is not hard to imagine that the injuries caused by a Riverside motorcycle accident are often much worse than those from a car accident. With virtually nothing between you and the road, the resulting injuries can be devastating.

The warm weather in Riverside means that it is possible for riders to enjoy their motorcycles all year long. But this also means that riders have many more chances of being involved in a motorcycle accident, especially since they share roads that are some of the busiest in the country.

The experienced Riverside motorcycle accident lawyers in our office handle tragic injury cases on a daily basis. The injuries that our clients sustain are almost always life-altering. Here is a list of the most common injuries that we encounter in Riverside motorcycle accident cases:

Fractured skull: Head traumas are almost always present in motorcycle accidents, since it is virtually impossible to prevent your head from hitting the pavement if you are thrown from your bike or from hitting the car that strikes you. An unprotected head will most likely result in a fracture to the skull, or the bones surrounding the brain. One of the most dangerous types of skull fractures is the depressed skull fracture, which can cause bone fragments to become imbedded in the brain. The best way to prevent this from happening is to always wear your helmet when riding.

Bone fractures: Being struck by a car while riding or being thrown from your bike can of course cause fractures to other bones in your body. The most common bone breaks that we see when handling motorcycle accident cases are fractured limbs, broken wrists, and breaks to the collarbone and ribs.

Injuries to the neck and back: Even if you survive a motorcycle accident without any broken bones, chances are that you will sustain injury to your head or neck. The blow to your body from a car or the pavement is enough to cause ruptured discs in your back, muscle or ligament strain in your neck, or severe spinal injury, resulting in paralysis.

Road rash: Think of road rash as one big scrape along your body - like a skinned knee, except everywhere. When a biker is thrown from a motorcycle, he or she doesn't usually stop in the spot of impact. Instead, centrifugal force causes the body to slide along the road, which can result in serious scrapes and friction burns. Unless you are wearing thick leather or other protective gear when this happens, chances are that you will experience very painful road rash, which can be susceptible to infection if not treated properly.

Traumatic brain injuries: A motorcycle rider does not have to have an actual fracture on his or her skull in order to suffer a serious traumatic brain injury. Depending on the point of impact and what part of the brain is affected, a traumatic brain injury can cause a wide array of problems, ranging from loss of memory and motor skills to trouble with hearing and vision.

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