If you are not a trucker, then chances are you have never heard of the No-Zone Campaign.  No-zone refers to the areas of the truck that have major blind spots.  This campaign, which was included as part of the Share the Road Safely Program by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), was designed to alert other drivers to the dangerous locations near large trucks.  Blind spots can be so significant that an entire vehicle can become virtually invisible to a truck driver.

Large truck accidents are a major menace in California.  As semi trucks travel along the 5 freeway, through the grapevine and other areas, countless accidents occur.  In 2008 alone, more than 4,000 people were killed in truck crashes across the country.  A trucking accident is unlike other collisions. The sheer force of the impact can leave the smaller vehicle completely destroyed, resulting in serious injuries and tragic deaths.

The FMCSA believes that the more education that is provided to the public, the greater the probability of avoiding major truck wrecks.  Truck drivers are supposed to practice defensive driving and allow enough room between other vehicles.  They are also encouraged to always plan for the unexpected road hazard. 

Trucking companies have been persuaded to participate in the No-Zone Campaign by including decals on their trucks, as well as conducting demonstrations.  The effectiveness of this campaign, however, is dependant on the truckers and their driving behaviors.

Truckers have been known to participate in driving practices that not only place them in danger, but also the other people on the road.  When truck drivers violate the federal hours of service or drive aggressively, the risk of major semi truck accidents increases exponentially.

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