When California freeways are packed with cars bumper to bumper and it is not even rush hour, it can only mean one thing: a holiday weekend. Families are piled into their cars and eager to get out of their usual routine and into a carefree state. However, eager families can sometimes include impatient parent drivers trying to get out of town. It has been apparent from the past that impatience leads to bad decision making, and that leads to Southern California car accidents. Unfortunately, this Labor Day weekend, many fun-filled family vacations will end all too soon.

From 6pm, Friday, September 3rd to 3pm, Monday, September 6th, it is estimated by the National Safety Council that 368 traffic fatalities will occur. To accompany that are another 19,900 non-fatal collisions. Some of those accidents will be life-threatening and disabling. Holiday weekends are always a dangerous time on the road. Fun can turn to tragedy in a matter of seconds.

You can protect your loved ones and yourself by simply wearing your seat belt. In fact, wearing a seat belt is the most effective way to save lives, if involved in an auto accident. Studies have shown that car crash injuries decline by 45 percent when proper safety restraints are worn during a collision. The National Safety Council estimated that 281 lives could be saved this Labor Day, if people choose to click that seat belt. Even further, if every single person buckled up, a supplementary 96 lives could be saved, as well. So, remember to protect your family in all possible ways, and fasten that seat belt.

Unfortunately, some circumstances are out of your control.  If you find yourself a victim of negligent, impatient holiday weekend driving, contact an experienced Santa Monica car accident attorney at Steinberg Injury Lawyers Injury Lawyers by calling (800) 989-6385 or filling out our online form.

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