Do not give the insurance adjuster a recorded statement, without first talking with an injury attorney.  It is typical for an insurance company to contact you within 24 hours of your accident.  However, you may be unaware of the full extent of your injuries at that point in time.  If you have been injured in a substantial trauma, such as a car accident, truck accident or other event, it is difficult to have a full understanding of your injuries.  It can take weeks for you to find out the impact of your injuries from the accident.

The insurance adjuster will most likely tell you that the recorded statement is part of their investigation into the accident.  A recorded statement is convenient for the insurer, because they get your side of the story on record without having to wait for a written statement.  Plus, it is very difficult to try to change your statement, since it is now on record.  Most people are unprepared to give a recorded statement after an accident and if you say the wrong thing, it could seriously hurt your chances of obtaining a fair settlement. 

Insurance companies know that there are numerous legal issues involved in California injury cases, which is why they have lawyers protecting their interests.  You should also have a Los Angeles injury lawyer on your side, making sure that you are treated fairly.

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