A car accident basically turns your life upside down.  Whether your accident was a minor car accident or a major car wreck, you want the best personal injury attorney on your side.  You were in a car accident in Camarillo, so you will be looking for the best personal injury lawyer in Ventura County.

Here are some things to look for when deciding on the best accident attorney for you:

  • Experience-  how long has the attorney been handling accident cases in Camarillo.
  • Practice Areas- you want a personal injury attorney who only handles accident cases.  If they are handling divorce and bankruptcy then they may not be as focused on accidents and the laws.
  • Talk to the attorney on the phone.  You will get a good feel for his/their staff and the attorney.  Be comfortable with the experience.
  • On the website look at testimonial and case results.

Since 1982, we have been fighting for accident victim's rights and we have experience and knowledge necessary to win your case.  Peter Steinberg is a published author on the subject of personal injury accidents.  His experience makes him one of the best personal injury attorney in Camarillo.  

Call him now and see what makes him the best.  You should also order his books for free on our website.