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The average drunk driver has driven drunk 80 times before a first arrest.  While suspending the license of these individuals makes sense, in reality, three out of four people with a suspended license continue to drive, threatening the safety of you and your loved ones.  That’s why MADD and Steinberg support requiring ignition interlock devices for all convicted drunk drivers, in order to prove they are sober before the car will start.

Requiring all convicted drunk drivers to use ignition interlocks to prove they are sober before they can start their vehicles has been shown to save lives and stop drunk driving. Arizona, Oregon, New Mexico and Louisiana have all seen a reduction in DUI deaths by 33 to 46 percent, largely due to these comprehensive laws requiring all drunk drivers to receive an interlock.

Tell us what you think.  Would putting these devices in convicted drunk drivers cars make a difference in the number of fatal DUI accident?



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Ray 06/12/2013 07:25 PM
Yes. I'm surprised mandatory ignition interlock devices haven't become law yet. This is a relatively tame penalty for an offense that can result in manslaughter. In my opinion, personal freedom goes out the window when your recklessness puts my life, as well as my family's and friends' lives in danger.
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Leanna 06/12/2013 08:07 PM
I couldn't agree more with the comments made by Ray! Taking it a step further...put it in all cars!
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Michael Vigil 06/12/2013 09:47 PM
Yes. I think this soloution can only have a positive affect on saving lives. Drunk drivers should have hard penalties so they can think about drinking and driving while goimg through the process of a penalty which will hurt them in the pocket book and in the physical being. I work with the California Highway Patrol and several other Emergency Response Officials. I have seen the tragedy which innocent law abbiding citizens inccure while just " being in the wrong place at the wrong time." My decision will always be the same, regardless of what other people in society may think. The general public never see's what I see every day, "Lives Destroyed."
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