Ride share companies like Uber have become increasingly popular with California residents. Forgoing traditional taxis and personal automobiles, many people find Uber to be a convenient, cost-effective solution for their transportation needs. But as the use of Uber grows, the likelihood of Uber car accidents also increases. 

When an Uber driver causes a car accident, injured passengers can seek compensation directly from Uber’s insurance carrier. Under California law, Uber is required to carry a $1 million insurance policy to pay for any death, personal injury or property damage caused by one of its drivers. Although a claim may be filed against the Uber driver’s personal insurance, Uber’s insurance policy will act as the primary insurance policy.

Uber’s insurance coverage applies to any car accidents occurring from the moment the Uber driver accepts a ride request until the Uber driver finalizes the transaction, or the ride has been completed. If a car accident occurs outside of this time frame, then the Uber driver may be personally responsible for any injuries or property damage suffered.

When another driver is at fault in a car accident, injured Uber passengers may seek compensation from the other driver. California drivers are required to purchase liability insurance for all registered vehicles to pay for any injuries or damage they may cause. 

Sadly, not all drivers carry liability insurance, leaving those injured without hope of receiving full compensation for their injuries. To avoid this unfortunate outcome, rideshare companies like Uber are required by state law to carry an additional insurance coverage of $1 million in in the form of uninsured and underinsured motorist insurance

Both forms of coverage allow Uber passengers injured in car accidents to seek compensation directly from Uber’s insurance carrier. Uninsured insurance applies in situations in which the driver at fault does not have liability insurance, and underinsured coverage applies when there is a deficit between the coverage amounts of the driver’s insurance policy and the total damages incurred by the injured passenger.

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