Sustaining only a broken leg from a serious car accident or other major event is a miracle, but you should still not discount the potential severity of a leg fracture.  Some leg fractures take several weeks to heal and can cause all sorts of problems.

A broken tibia is one of the most common types of long bone fractures, and unfortunately, it is also known as being an injury with a prolonged recovery.  Patients with tibia fractures often find themselves facing a stay in the hospital and expensive treatments. 

When the tibia is broken, the two broken ends don’t always unite with normal healing.  Sometimes pins have to be inserted into the bones to keep them in position and traction equipment is needed, which can result in mandatory bed rest.

Unfortunately, there are many complications linked to tibia fractures, including infection, compartment syndrome, gangrene, amputation, peroneal nerve injury and the inability to lift the toes while walking.  In very rare cases, a broken tibia can lead to death.

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