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I want everyone to be informed and be aware of what I perceive as the latest dirty trick being used by car insurance carriers.  I saw a commercial on television by one of the big car insurance companies proudly announcing "quick service" after you have been in a car accident by offering live chat on your cell phone!  (Face Time or Skype)  

The Message

The commercial shows the very friendly insurance adjustor in their office while the poor unfortunate driver points his phone at the damage to his car caused by a car accident.  The premise is that the adjustor can judge the amount of damage to the car and what it is going to cost to fix it.  The message is that the insurance company wants you to see is that you can take care of "everything" right after your car accident with very little time or "hassle".  The goal is for you to be lulled in to the false sense of that the insurance company has your best interest at heart.  THEY DO NOT have your best interest at heart.

The Truth

As I see it, the truth behind this "helpful" service is that the insurance industry would like to have as many drivers close their claims after a car accident as soon as possible.  If they can accomplish this the insurance carriers would potentially save millions in payments for medical claims and other expenses claimed after a car accidents.  Unless it is a major accident with obvious injuries, you may not realize the extent that you have been injured until some time passes post accident.

My Advice

Like I always not sign any thing from the insurance company until you have consulted a personal injury accident attorney.  Take the time and call an experienced car accident attorney for a free consultation.  Experienced personal injury attorneys know the right questions to ask...things you may have not thought of or considered.   You have nothing to lose but some of your time.  There is no obligation to hire an accident attorney, but you should be well informed before signing away potential rights.

If you have been injured in a car accident, our attorneys would be happy to speak to you to answer your questions.  Call now.


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