When handling a case involving an accident with an 18-wheel big-rig or any other commercial vehicle, it is very different than a standard automobile case. It requires a special investment of time and resources.  These cases take much longer to settle due to the additional information required when a commercial truck is involved. 

Here are 4 Things that make big-rig accident cases more complicated and time consuming: 

  • Investigation – Trucking companies usually have emergency responders throughout the country who can be at the scene of a crash immediately to work on behalf of the trucking company.
  • Technology – Trucking cases require forensics, examination of GPS data, safety standards research, review of violations and carrier history, recreation of crash specifics and more.
  • Discovery – Expert witnesses, long-haul truckers and corporate representatives often require out-of-state depositions.
  • Litigation testing – Usually applied to products liability cases, this process can be used in trucking cases to prove standard of care of professional drivers and trucking companies.


Big-rig accident cases require a detailed knowledge of the many rules and regulations that govern the commercial trucking industry. A personal injury lawyer handling these types of cases must be familiar with all of the rules in order to recognize a claim and effectively handle the case.  

Investigating and preparing a commercial vehicle crash case for trial is a daunting task that involves an investment of time and resources.

The trucking company insurance carriers can usually respond immediately after an accident involving one of their trucks.  They will begin their investigation and start to build a defense before most of the accident victims can even think about hiring an attorney to protect their interests.

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