It is the common assumption that slip and fall cases are the sole responsibility of the owner of the property. However, this is not always the case. The notion of what a reasonable and prudent person would do to avoid a slip and fall accident will invariably come into question.

Some Things to Consider
Before you begin to make a decision whether or not to pursue a slip and fall accident claim, it is in good faith to first assess whether or not the place that you slipped is a location that is prone to being slippery. If it was a location that is known for being slippery, would a safe and prudent person be able to avoid the hazard?

Even if it was a location that is notorious for being slippery, should the owner of the establishment have taken action to help keep the area less slick? These are all questions that need to be examined before any action is taken and it is always best to consult an experienced Los Angeles slip and fall attorney who has a history of dealing with these types of cases.

Figuring Out Who is More at Fault   
In any slip and fall case, the issue often becomes, “who was MORE at fault?” Determining who holds the majority of the blame for the accident is crucial. This factor will make a tremendous difference in not only the liability of the accident, but also in deciding who is responsible for the medical bills.

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