Your life is turned completely upside down when you are hurt in a Southern California car accident. You have to deal with car repairs, sneaky insurance companies, and painful injuries, not to mention the increasing medical bills. Accidents happen every day, and no matter how carefully and defensively you drive, another motorist is always out there driving carelessly.

When accidents do happen, it is smart to be prepared and educated about the settlement process.

What you should do at the accident scene.
At the site of the accident, it is imperative to take pictures of the damage. Pictures could serve as evidence proving what really happened in the crash. Because photographs are so important, keeping a camera in the glove box or other compartment in a vehicle is a great way to ensure that photos will be taken. Also, getting the information of the other driver will be a necessary aid in dealing with the insurance company.

Working with the insurance company.
Some car accident claims are fairly simple. If one driver is clearly not at fault for the crash, if there was little damage or if no injuries occurred, insurance companies will usually deal with claims quickly. However, if the liability of the accident is not clear, or if there are serious injuries, the claims process can get challenging.

While the insurance adjuster may offer you a fair settlement, this is not the case for a lot of accident victims. Frequently, the offer is not nearly enough to cover the damages involved.

If you cannot come to a fair settlement with the insurance company, you should enlist the help of an experienced Santa Monica car accident attorney.   It is even more beneficial if you are represented by a lawyer earlier in the process.

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