Truck operators and their massive vehicles make up a huge portion of the shipping infrastructure in the United States and even locally in San Bernardino. The trucking industry helps keep the open and constant flow of goods traveling around this country.

With so many trucks out on the highways around Southern California, it is easy to see why new and creative ways of raising safety standards are being researched on a day-to-day basis. Trucks by their very nature are large and afford their driver a great amount of safety, because of their size and the height of the driver off of the road. Other drivers, however, are not so lucky when engaged in a San Bernardino truck accident.  Just look at the laws of physics - an object in motion wants to stay in motion. The larger the object, such as a semi-truck, the greater the impact upon collision.

Technology is being used to try to solve some of the most dangerous predicaments that are inherent in semi-truck design. The drivers’ ability to see what is going on around them on the road is limited to only where their mirrors can see. This causes blind spots that are dangerous and often the site of collisions. Side view assist or blind spot detection is a technology that notifies the truck operator if there is a vehicle in the blind spot area, which allows the truck operator to make more informed road navigation decisions.

A second technology being utilized to avoid big rig accidents is the implementation of lane departure and warning signals that inform the truck operator if they are weaving or leaving their lane. This is helpful for obvious reasons, because it alerts the driver to the possibility that they are maybe too tired to be driving and in addition it protects other drivers on the road by keeping trucks in their lane.   

What all these new technologies are working towards is to increase the trucker’s knowledge of what is going around them. The more an operator can see what is behind him and in his blind spots the less likely a truck accident will occur.  The ability to see what is going on around a truck takes the guess work out of trying to make a safe lane change and gives the operator the ability to make knowledgeable and prudent decisions out on the road.

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