There is a reason that truckers are supposed to complete classes and training before they get behind the wheel of a big rig weighing up to 80,000 pounds.  If a truck driver is unskilled or lacks the proper training, it can be a lethal combination when he or she operates a massive tractor-trailer.  This very scenario has occurred across the country, as schemes have been uncovered where truckers were obtaining fraudulent commercial licenses.

The federal government has learned that some truckers have obtained their licenses fraudulently.  An article in the Chicago Tribune mentioned one truck driving school that paid private “third party” testers to falsify truckers’ exams.  It was estimated that 623 students were involved.  When these drivers were re-tested, only 142 of them passed.

Another case of licensing fraud occurred in Illinois when state officials sold hundreds of fake commercial licenses to truckers who lacked the necessary skills.  Immigrants who couldn’t even speak or read English were able to get licensed through the scam.

Some safety experts think that there could be tens of thousands of truck drivers with fraudulent commercial licenses on U.S. roads.  When a trucker lacks the required skills and training to operate a large truck, it means that this person probably wouldn’t know how to properly react to a road hazard and could cause a catastrophic trucking accident.

As the trucking industry boomed, so did the number of truckers.  While many of these truck drivers carry legitimate licenses, it makes you wonder how many do not.

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