With the amount of miles that truck operators cover in the United States it is easy to understand why big rigs require a rigid and detailed maintenance schedule. If a maintenance schedule is not followed it can leave the truck open to mechanical failure, which can lead to a potentially unsafe situation on the open road. The simple fact that trucks are large machines only serves to amplify the dangers inherent in traveling on the highway.

Brake Failure on The Highway   
One of the most disastrous and prevalent dangers that plague large trucks is brake failure. Brake failure is an occurrence where the truck is no longer capable of stopping as a result of one or many of the braking-related systems on the truck.  In a study by the Department of Transportation, it was discovered that 29.4 percent of all large truck crashes involved brake failure, brakes out of adjustment or other brake-related issues.

Who is to Blame?
When a truck accident occurs as a result of brake failure, there are multiple people who can be held responsible. Most notably is the driver and even more so if he is an owner and operator. As an owner and operator, the driver is responsible for making sure that the truck is in peak mechanical condition. If a driver works for a company that owns the truck, then the company can be to blame for poor maintenance. Either way if you are involved in a Southern California truck accident make sure that a full investigation is completed on the mechanical aspects of the truck.

How You Can Stay Safe
As with most anything in life, there is an inherent risk that is assumed when stepping inside of a motor vehicle. A few things that you can do to help avoid an accident are to give trucks plenty of space on the road, stay out of their blind spots, and always give them ample room when they are trying to make lane changes. Many accidents can be prevented, if only the drivers involved knew more about the special needs that a truck requires on the road.

Where To Turn For Help
If you or someone you know has been injured in a truck accident, you should call an experienced Riverside truck accident attorney at Steinberg Injury Lawyers.  For a free case evaluation, contact our office at (800) 989-6385.

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