Driving too fast is unsafe for any person in any vehicle, but it’s even worse for large trucks.  Big rigs have been known to cause some of the most gruesome and horrifying accidents in Southern California.  According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA), California truck accidents cause thousands of injuries each year, not to mention deaths.  It’s hard not to wonder what is causing all of these crashes.

There are many possibilities as to why tractor-trailer accidents occur at such an alarming rate in California.  Many national studies have been conducted, which looked into the most common truck accident factors.  Some safety experts believe that these crashes could be partially due to the fact that truckers are under immense pressure to meet their deadlines.

One safety group known as Road Safe America, suggests that some truckers are driving too fast and resisting the call for reduced top speeds because they have inadvertent incentives to drive dangerously.  Truckers are sometimes paid by the mile, so it is logical to assume that the they will push to get as many miles driven as possible. 

It is important to mention that not all trucking companies pay drivers per mile.  These are also usually the same companies that provide additional training and spend the money to make their trucks safe.

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