While any type of injury can cause significant financial, physical, and emotional harm to a victim, brain injuries are certainly among the most frightening. The effects of a brain injury can often be severe, permanent, and life threatening. Brain injuries occur when an external force impacts the head. There are many different types of brain injuries that a victim may suffer. One common brain injury is known as a subdural hematoma. Regardless of what caused the injury, whether it be a car accident, slip and fall, or other incident, victims may be entitled to compensation for their suffering.

Signs You Are Suffering From a Subdural Hematoma

A subdural hematoma is a condition in which blood gathers between the dura and the cerebral tissue in the brain. As this blood builds up, internal cranial pressure is created. The tissues of the brain may be damaged as a result.

Recognizing the potential signs that you may be suffering from this condition is crucial in order to ensure that you obtain immediate medical treatment. Some of these signs include the following:

  1. Loss of consciousness
  2. Seizures
  3. Disorientation
  4. Irritability
  5. Slurred speech
  6. Amnesia
  7. Altered breathing patterns

Any injury victim suspecting a possible subdural hematoma should immediately seek medical attention in order to prevent worsening damage. A brain injury can occur even after a seemingly minor accident.

After obtaining treatment, the next step for a brain injury victim should be to focus on protecting legal rights. Victims may be entitled to compensation for their losses after these injuries, including their medical expenses, lost income, and pain and suffering.  However, strict time limitations apply in accordance with the laws in California. We encourage you to contact us today at 800-989-6385 to schedule a free consultation in order to learn more about your rights after an injury.

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