You survived the Christmas rush and you’re ready for everything to begin slowing down. There are fewer crowds, quieter grocery stores, and it seems like most of the hustle and bustle is over... except, of course, on those days where everyone seems to be returning their unwanted gifts.

Head Injuries Occur in Riverside Parking Lots Both Inside and Outside Cars

While the risk of parking lot injuries goes down significantly after the holiday shopping season, it is still one of the number one places for pedestrians and drivers alike to suffer serious head injuries. However, a few precautions can help drivers protect against serious injury (whether they are on foot or behind the wheel).

When you walk or drive through a parking lot, be sure that you always:

  • Check the weather. Slick sidewalks, uneven curbs, and potholes all lie in wait for the unwary traveler. A slippery surface in a parking lot carries all of the usual slip-and-fall injury risks, with the added danger that a car could run over the unconscious victim.
  • Stick to car-free zones. If you are on foot, you should always use walkways or crosswalks to cross a parking lot. If the lot does not have a dedicated walking path, stay as close to the side of the traffic lane as you can, staying alert for brake lights or reverse lights from cars about to pull out.
  • Look out for children. While anyone may be struck while on foot, children are the most common victims because they are less likely to watch where they are going and often make sudden movements. Walkers should hold their children’s hands in parking lots and drivers should always look out for children—especially when backing up.
  • See and be seen. Avoid walking between pillars, standing beside lampposts, or crossing between larger vehicles. It makes it more difficult for you to see oncoming traffic and also for drivers to see you.
  • Buckle up before backing out. Rear-end collisions are common in parking lots and often result in whiplash and other head injuries. Too many drivers assume the path behind them is clear without fully checking the lane—and worst of all, many drivers fail to buckle up until after they have left the parking space.

Parking lot accidents will often cause severe injury for pedestrians, especially if they strike their head as they fall. If you suffered a head injury due to another driver’s negligence, we can help you get the compensation you deserve for your injury. Click the contact link on this page to tell us more about your case or read through our testimonials page to see how we have helped brain injury victims just like you.


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