Many Los Angeles car crashes occur after a motorist breaks down and becomes stranded. However, most drivers, especially teens, have no idea of what to do in the event the car stops running.

Your Responsibility as a Parent

As a parent, it is extremely important that you prepare your teen for such an event. You can’t ever assume that your teen driver knows what to do. In this article, we provide you with some safety tips you can teach your teenager if he or she should become a stranded motorist.

Get the Car off the Road

Your teenager should pull over as quickly as possible. However, he or she should only do so when it is safe. Instruct your child to move to the right of the road, if the car begins to lose power. It is far safer off to the side of the road than in the middle of traffic.

If Your Teen Should Have to Push the Car off the Road

Unfortunately, your teen may be unable to get the car off the road without having to exit the vehicle. This situation can be extremely dangerous, so the following steps should be taken:

  • Turn on the hazard lights immediately. 
  • Put the car in NEUTRAL.
  • Put the car back into PARK once safely off the road.
  • Apply the emergency brake.

Keep the Hazard Lights On

This step is critical for safety reasons. Keeping the hazard lights on while on the side of the road will:

  • Help other motorists see the vehicle.
  • Help emergency crews identify your child as a stranded motorist.
  • Help road assistance crews determine where your child and car are located.

Use of the Cell Phone

Only once these steps have been completed should your teen use his or her cell phone to call you and/or roadside assistance. Making a call prior to the above steps could put your teen at greater risk of being struck by another vehicle. Make sure your teen has the number to the roadside assistance company programmed in his or her phone.

If your Child is Injured in a Car Accident

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