Driving on the 110 is already a harrowing experience, but it can become even more traumatic when you’re sharing the road with monster trucks that tower over you. If you’re on a motorcycle or in a small vehicle, these trucks can be downright dangerous.

Although we all know that large trucks are essential to our survival—after all, they bring food, clothing, building materials, and just about everything else we need to us—they are still frightening to ride next to, particularly when truck drivers engage in common dangerous behaviors. Now, however, you may have to share the road with trucks that are even larger.

Government Votes Yes to Larger Trucks

The Senate Appropriations Committee voted yes to a trucking industry bid that would allow larger trucks on the country’s highways. More specifically, the bid permits the length of trailers hauled in tandem to increase from 28 feet to 33 feet. And although safety advocates objected to the bid, it was approved in a 16 to 14 vote.

Along with safety advocates, those who opposed the bill included many local and state governments and unions, such as the Teamsters. The opposition believes that longer trucks cause more wear and tear on roads and put the public’s safety in jeopardy, as they have higher chances of going into adjacent and opposing lanes when making turns. Opponents also feel that larger tandem trucks are less safe on local roads. 

Backed by the American Trucking Associations and large haulers like FedEx, the bid was attached to a $56 million spending measure to finance transportation and housing programs.

This proposal isn’t a done deal, however; it faces a possible White House veto and a probable filibuster if GOP leaders bring it to the Senate floor.

Now Sharing the Road Puts You At an Even Bigger Risk

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