Many accident victims aren’t sure what to do after they’ve been hurt in a wreck, but most know that they should talk to the insurance companies involved as soon as possible. However, this common wisdom may not be as good an idea as it sounds. Speaking to insurance adjusters while you are still shaken up, in shock, and dealing with untreated injuries or lying in a hospital bed could lead to major mistakes that threaten the success of your claim later on.

Panic and Shock Lead to Major Mistakes After an Accident

When you speak with the insurance company, even when you’re calling from the roadside at the scene of an accident, the representatives take note of everything you say. Later on, these initial statements can be twisted or taken out of context and used to minimize or deny your claims of injury. Even a panicked apology or an assurance that you are “okay” can be enough to cause problems or threaten your rights as a victim, so it’s definitely worth waiting until the shock and panic have passed to start making phone calls to the insurance companies involved.

Taking the Time to Collect Yourself and Take Care of Your Medical Needs Can Save Your Accident Claim

While you should definitely contact your own insurance company and start the process of working with the other driver’s insurance company after a wreck, it’s important that you take the time you need to calm down, assess your injuries, and get medical treatment first. Your immediate needs and wellbeing are the real priority after a wreck, and waiting to talk about your claim can help you avoid complications later on.

Information is power after you’ve been involved in an accident. To start getting answers and learning more about your rights, contact our Santa Monica legal team directly by phone or email—or learn more about what to expect from your injury claim by browsing the many free videos available on our YouTube channel.


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