Isn’t it interesting how the activities kids love most are the ones that have the highest potential to cause harm? Skateboarding, for instance, requires the tenacity of a dare devil to learn. With all the falling, scraped knees, elbows, split lips, and sometimes even broken bones, it is a wonder that most kids stick to it until they get it right.

Unfortunately, one of the hazards of skateboarding is all the traffic on the roads those skateboarders are sharing. Getting in a car’s blind spot, not being able to stop soon enough, bolting out into the middle of traffic—all of these things add up to a risky sum. Teaching kids proper safety is important to keep them out of harm’s way and can aid in preventing potential accidents with vehicles.

Skateboards & Cars Don’t Mix
Falls in skateboarding are mostly caused by irregular ground and uneven surfaces. Broken or sprained wrists are the number one injury caused after a fall. However, it is important to remember that deaths as a result of car accidents are also reported. It is imperative to remember that as a skateboarder, you are sharing the road.

Avoiding Car Accident Injuries
To keep safe, always wear the proper protective gear, making sure pads and helmets fit correctly and will be able to guard from harm. Good accident prevention also includes knowing the rules of the road—where you’re allowed to ride and where you’re not. Be sure not to hang out in a car’s blind spot. Bad things can occur when a driver does not see you at all. Also, take extra care in not bolting into traffic without looking. Always be aware of surroundings, ready to stop safely at any given moment.

Of course, many things cannot be prevented. Negligent drivers are constantly on the road. As best as you can, guard against accidents, but if anything unfortunate should fall upon you or a loved one, call a Southern California car accident attorney with skill and experience.

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