Most drivers have experienced glancing at the motorist in the vehicle next to them and wondering, “is that person talking to themselves?” The answer is usually no. It is best explained by the hands-free craze that is sweeping the nation.

Many states in the U.S. are calling for bans on hand-held cell phones while operating a vehicle. In California, this type of cell phone ban is already in place.  While this ban does seem like an effective way to keep the attention of drivers on the road, a study done at Dalhousie University has shown otherwise.

The study, conducted by Yoko Ishigami, revealed that hands-free devices do not necessarily give a driver the ability to focus more intently on driving any more than using a hand-held. The fact of the matter is that your brain cannot put its attention on too many things at once. So, whether using hand-held or hands-free, the use of any device is equally as dangerous. Both cause more accidents and mistakes while driving. Both greatly impede your ability to react. And finally, both cause a decrease in vehicle speed. The decrease in speed is dangerous and acts as an obstacle to those around the device-using driver.

As the age of technology grows and advances, the use of cell phones is following suit. Statistics show the result of that growing cell phone use: 636,000 crashes a year, 330,000 injuries, 12,000 serious injuries, and 2,600 deaths, are all caused by the negligence of distracted drivers using cell phones while on the road. Because of these numbers, the National Safety Council called for a ban of any cell phone use while driving.

While the National Safety Council and other organizations are dedicated to making this world a safer place, they can only do so much.

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