Our client is a 46 year old man from Hermosa beach who trains on his bicycle in Malibu on Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) on a regular basis.  (He is a member of LA Triathlon Club, a club that we sponsor and some of our lawyers are members).  

On this day in Malibu, a car came to close to him and his bike and our client was struck by the car mirror causing his bike to crash.  He suffered a broken left clavicle.

He contacted our bicycle accident lawyers at our Los Angeles location and we were able to help him recover all of the money that was available from various sources.  This covered medical expenses resulting from his bicycle accident injuries and replaced his bike.  The driver that hit him had a limited policy.  But fortunately for our client he had added Uninsured Motorist Coverage to his car insurance which covered his bicycle accident.

From the time he hired our bike accident attorneys to the close of the case took 7 months!  We believe in getting the highest amount possible in the fastest time possible!!!!

We exhausted all avenues of collectability for a total of $110,000