In California, all drivers are banned from texting and driving. Now, President Obama has created a federal texting ban involving truckers on the interstate highways.  Obama’s transportation secretary has banned truckers and commercial bus drivers from sending and receiving text messages.

According to a statement by Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, “we’re sending a strong message.  We don’t merely expect you to share the road responsibly with other travelers – we require you to do so.”

This new ban has been met with only lukewarm support from the trucking industry.  While the industry feels that the ban is good, it does find fault in how quickly it was implemented.

The trucker texting ban makes sending or even reading a text message while driving a federal safety offense.  Truckers who violate this rule could be subject to massive fines and could lose their ability to operate commercial vehicles.

It will be interesting to see if this texting ban will reduce the number of California truck accidents, especially since the state already has such a restriction in place.

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